Working boats

No Gimmicks. Just Results.

A great boat doesn't have to be
complicated. Overbuilt is easy,
but it's a waste of money. We
want you to maximize your profit
potential, so we put more thought
into our design to keep things
simple, efficient and effective.

THE RESULT: Save Money Since It Costs Less To Build + Make Money With A Better Performing Boat

Why Mavrik

We founded Mavrik Marine because we
realized - after extensive experience in
hands on manufacturing, installation,
production and management - that better
boats can be built for less.

The Mavrik Advantage

We have the flexibility, knowledge base, building skills and resources to compete with the large-scale builders... Without their huge overhead!

Lower Overhead Means Lower Costs And Savings That We Pass On To You.

Building boats

The Bottom Line?

Mavrik builds you
a well-engineered,
top performing boat,
on-time and on-budget...