Work Boats. That Work.
We are builders of reliable, top-of-the-line commercial work boats that perform how our customers need them to.
The Best...for Less
Mavrik Marine was founded to effectively meet customer needs with a higher quality commercial work boat at a more affordable price. (How do we do it? Visit The Mavrik Advantage page).
Old School Values...
A thorough knowledge of commercial aluminum boat building, along with an honest approach, integrity and excellent communication, make for superior customer relationships. This in turn yields more effective solutions for our customers.
...New School Approach
Careful planning, design, and engineering, along with an innovative, driven, dynamic and passionate approach translates into extraordinary aluminum work boats.
We'll Build You a Boat You'll be Proud of.
Our goal is to produce top-performing commercial boats that look great and our customers are proud of.

Our core values articulate what we stand for. They are the heart of our business and the foundation of our reputation for excellence.

We have high standards and are committed to delivering top-quality commercial boats that are reliable and perform how they should.
We work hard and smart to back up our promises. Hard work and determined effort power us through to deliver extraordinary results.
Mavrik isn't here to just make boats. We are here to make the BEST aluminum work boats around. We are not satisfied with a good boat, we strive for excellence.
We love making our customers happy. By maintaining open, honest communication, we can thoroughly understand our customer's needs and provide them with an aluminum boat that really works for them. We're not happy until our customers are happy.
We build trust by saying what we mean, matching our behavior to our words, and taking responsibility for our actions. We are genuine, trustworthy and reliable.
We embrace change. We're always innovating, adapting, using new technology, trying new methods and implementing fresh ideas. This is vital to our long term success as leaders in aluminum boat building.
You create more and better with an inspired approach. Our passion for what we do drives us to work harder, be more innovative, think more creatively and perfect our product.
PRIDE (the good kind)
We're passionate about building aluminum boats and take pride in our work. We strive to build boats that Mavrik and our customers are proud of. We're working to build a company that everyone is proud to be a part of.
Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent in the commercial work boat industry. Great people are our greatest asset and we work to create a highly motivated, valued workforce.
Our success is dependent upon the collective energy, effort and talent of all our Mavrik Team. We strive to create a work environment with opportunity, enthusiasm, accountability and a sense of purpose. Here, motivated Team Members can flourish and succeed to their highest potential. We appreciate effort and reward results.