Boat Front

Mavrik's Business Philosophy:

At Mavrik, our business and management philosophy mirrors our approach to building: keep things simple, streamlined and efficient.

We believe that the commercial boat operator knows what he/she wants. You know why you're ready for a new vessel. It's not our job to tell you what you need, it's our job to listen, help and guide you, so that those reasons can be turned into a boat that fits the mission and operational conditions it was intended for. We understand that this is a business decision driven by economics; there's always a wish list but practicality usually wins the day!

It's our job at Mavrik Marine to work closely with the customer at ALL phases of the project to make sure that the specific requirements are met. No one is going to simply sign a contract and then disappear until the build is finished. We expect to work with the customer on a regular frequency throughout the entire project so that those "little things" don't slip through the cracks. We understand that the customer needs to be involved, period.

It really boils down to starting the way you want to finish. With a good understanding, a well thought out plan and consistent interaction and feedback throughout, the results can be accurate, predictable and the project a success.

Boat Side

Mavrik Marine Specializes In The Construction Of Top Quality, Aluminum Commercial Boats.

We are experienced building a variety of high performance boats including commercial fishing vessels, landing craft, crew boats, ferries, research and patrol boats. Although our primary focus is monohulls and multi-hulls, we also offer smaller recreational products.

At Mavrik, we work with you closely to realize your unique needs and build your ideal boat.

We Work Efficiently.

Mavrik has extensive "hands on"
experience in manufacturing,
production and operations

This, along with great planning and
engineering means we build our
boats accurately so you get a
predictable result.

The Bottom Line: you end up
with the boat you want.

Boats In Action
Custom Boats

What Sets Mavrik Apart From Many Other Boat Builders.

We, the founders and operators, started at the bottom and worked our way up through the different aspects of boat construction.

This, along with education and extensive manufacturing, production and facility management experience, enables us to build boats that are understood from every angle.

We use this thorough understanding of operations to eliminate information barriers that are created when upper management and sales don't fully understand the mission and have no experience with building boats. The goal is to eliminate the disconnect between the production floor and the management right from the start. With the combined experience of over 30years in the aluminum boat building, repair, and fabrication business; we know that our goal of working closely with our customers will provide an experience unlike any other and we're positive you will be satisfied with our budget, schedule and most importantly your new vessel!